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Gambas 3.18.1

What's new?

This release includes important bug fixes made since the 3.18.0 release.

Compilation and installation

Read the instructions there.

If everything was fine, type "gambas3" to run the development environment.

Enjoy it !



  • Farm software: Fix software download. HTTP headers are not case-sensitive.

  • Gambas fonts: Make period, comma, colon and semi-colon characters bolder in 16 px size.

  • Gambas fonts: Some fixes.

  • Menu editor: Do not draw the picture of top-level menus.

  • Project property dialog: The "Properties" tab information is correctly saved and restore now.

  • Snippets: Add newline at the end of snippets where it makes sense.

  • System information dialog: Add more informations, and change the order.

  • Test suites: Fix the behaviour of the test suites interface when a test suite has no test.

  • Translation dialog: Import translation now takes the # gb-ignore comment into account.


  • WAIT with no argument now behaves as before when no component specific WAIT handler is defined.

  • Delete temporary files when the QUIT instruction is used.


  • Do not return -2 when quitting, it causes overflow. Return 127 instead.


  • Update style sheet so that it handles highlighted code using <tt> instead of <pre>.


  • Test System.IgnoreOverflow.

  • Refactor a bit and remove some duplicated code.


  • Fix quoting when displaying a string value.


  • Update project icon.

  • Update documentation.

  • Fix a possible memory leak in DBus introspection.


  • Raise the LayoutUpdated D-Bus signal when the current desktop is Mate.


  • Correctly rewrite lines using the ERROR keyword in a one-line IF expression.


  • TextHighlighter: The Tag property is actually a Short.

  • TextHighlighter: The State property is now a Short too.

  • TextHighlighter: Fix possible overflows.

  • TextHighlighter: ToHTML() method correctly handles multiple lines again.

  • Move old code to project files.

  • Fix unit tests.

  • CSS highlighting: Add accent-color CSS property.


  • FileChooser & DirChooser: Setting the Root property works again as before.

  • SidePanel: Prevent the panel size from being lower than the minimum size after being hidden.

  • Stock: Fix support for KDE desktop.


  • TextEditor: The highlight state can be a Short.

  • TextEditor: Add documentation.


  • Redraw replace icon.

  • Redraw bus and truck icons.


  • Let Pango take the target device resolution into account when drawing text.


  • Let Pango take the target device resolution into account when drawing text.


  • Desktop.Type does not crash anymore if XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is not defined.

  • ColumnView: Extra columns are automatically resized too when AutoResize is True.

  • ComboBox: The Selection property now works correctly.

  • ComboBox: The popup now uses the same font as the ComboBox.

  • Drag & Drop: Temporary hack that correctly raises DragMove events in all cases when the mouse cursor is on the DnD frame.

  • GridView: Take Columns.Padding property into account when computing the preferred width of a column.

  • TreeView, ListView, ColumnView: Fix the rename control management, and so a possible infinite loop.

  • SpinBox: Support for right-to-left written languages.


  • Color: ToHTML() is a new method that converts a Gambas color as integer value to an HTML color representation. Make the component compatible with gb.web.gui.


  • Fix arithmetic overflow detection on datatype conversion.

  • Fix JIT compilation on old compilers that do not support arithmetic overflow check.


  • Replace </hr> by <hr>.


  • DownloadManager: Follow HTTP redirections automatically.


  • Popup windows are now correctly parented, so that imbricated popups do not close all at once on mouse button press.


  • Popup windows are now correctly parented, so that imbricated popups do not close all at once on mouse button press.


  • Content-Disposition HTTP header is not case sensitive.


  • WebTabPanel: Fix container management.

  • WebContainer: If the _Container internal property is used, then we suppose that only one child is visible at the same time.

  • WebDrawingArea: Fix Refresh() method.