DBReport (Report-Designer and Printer)

*Mainly : a tool for the creation and issuance of reports.

  • The 2 parts project, consists of a designer and the preview printer.

some features:

  • Creating reports in multiple layouts.

  • connecting to one or more databases (even different one)

  • declaring parameters for the report(s) and/or the SQL-query(s)

  • pass the parameters or enter them in a dialog, before printing

  • compiled as executable and as gambas-component(gambas2) or library (gambas3)

  • Gambas coder can include the parts as components/library into their projects. (examples are added to the package 'demoReport' and 'TestPage')

  • reports don't need to be connected to a database, you can also create something like flyers .....

DBReport exists for Gambas1, Gambas2 (2.16 or higher) and Gambas3 (3.5.4 or higher)

Author Christian Faure Co-Author Charlie Reinl (porting and programming for gambas2 and gambas3) Licence GPL URL http://dbreport.sourceforge.net Download https://sourceforge.net/projects/dbreport/files/latest/download

the Designer / the DBReport-IDE

the Viewer / Printer