facs (Facs Aids Cost Supervision)

facs is created to do fast, efficient input of invoice data to do costprice tracking. The input is done in in one screen (in 2 steps): the invoice data (supplier, date, amount etc) and the cost data (amount, costcode). Cost can consist of several lines, the resulting invoice amount stays open for the next cost(s) to assign. Costcodes can be created, suppliers can be created or imported. As a result of your input you can get a report of the all the costs for a costcode. The costcode can stand for a department, product line or whatever you want to monitor the cost about. Reports are written to disk as very basic html pages to view and print with a browser. Data stored in MySQL. Input works with TAB and as much presets as possible (e.g. costcode for a supplier etc). Code on sourceforge.net/projects/simplefacs/

Author w.geraets
License GPL
URL http://facs.noxqs.org