Building Images by fractal art

J 11 is an application written in Gambas language-2 for Linux, which can produce images  fractal art by using variations of the algorithm "Julia-Mandelbrot.

Fractal_Y is an application written in Gambas language 2 for Linux. Is to repeat the  formation of the figure 'Y' in each of its branches a number of times (generations) with  allow for modifications in each generation.

Chaos 2 is a Linux application written in Gambas language-2 to make fractals with  play technique of chaos and iterated function systems. The application has two modes, mode 1 apply functions from 'game chaos' using the points of the design window as reference points. In this mode the application  Randomly uses one of the points each time for calculations.

Mode 2 is an iterated function system, which you can choose between 1 to 3 functions that apply  randomly. In the calculations use the same points as in mode 1 but in a way  different, resulting in something more like a 'fractal flame. "

Author Pakito
License GPL v2 or greater

URL http:/


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