Guygle (web geographical information system)

Guygle is a web application made by the ASAP company that can manage any sort of network or geographical data. It has tons of features:

  • Uses Google Maps™ to display the data and geolocalize it.

  • Data can be filled from any PDA, with eventually a camera, a GPS, a barcode reader...

  • Objects can be tagged with RFID chips.

  • Can track people or vehicles, provided they carry a specific tracking device.

  • The database is fully customizable.

  • Data can be exported in OpenOffice, Microsoft Excel or Google Earth.

  • Human-like syntax queries.

  • Can generate PDF documents.

  • ...and so on.

Guygle was used for developing the following applications:

  • A call center.

  • A clean-up network management system.

  • A waste collect management system.

  • A road sign management system for Paris & Annecy (two french cities).

  • A car and truck tracking system.

  • A sales offer management system.

Author Benoît Minisini & Jérémy Oger (for the PDA part)
Licence Proprietary