MiniEarthshipCalc: Calculation for earthship design

MiniEarthshipCalc is an application to calculate the number of tyres needed when building a Euro-model or Global model earthship. It contais a number of other calculations.

Except for all the different calculations there is a lot of information in the help menu with off line help files, slide shows,online links to articles, manuals and instructional videos.
The application notifies you if a new version is available (if Internet connection present and depending on preference settings)

Developed with Gambas 2

Author Willy Raets
License GPL v3 or greater
Requires Gambas 2.23 or 2.24
Languages Bulgarian, Dutch, English (default), Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Polish (21%)
URL Downloadpage of MiniEarthshipCalc

MiniEarthshipCalc 1.0.2 - English- Solar panel calculation

MiniEarthshipCalc 1.0.1 - English -Solar gain obstacle calculation

MiniEarthshipCalc 0.1.3 - Dutch -Solar angle calculation

MiniEarthshipCalc 0.1.2 - Dutch -Tyre calculations