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Gambas will have a terminal emulator soon.

The gb.form.terminal is a new component providing a VT-100 terminal emulator control, that you will be able to put anywhere in your application. It will be used in the development environment instead of the old rudimentary console.

Here is a few features of that terminal emulator:

  • Ability to use any font, even variable-width fonts displayed as fixed fonts. But then some characters too wide may be cut.

  • Limited or unlimited history.

  • Blinking text supported.

  • Mouse support (currently in development).

  • Line graphical characters are drawn instead of using the font glyphs.


Happy New Year!

I wish an happy new year to all Gambas users and their family.

Here is a screenshot of the new gb.web.form in use. That component allows to create the GUI of your web applications with the IDE form editor. The screenshot shows the development of a web radio in progress.


Gambas 3.8.4 has been released.

This release includes all bugs fixes since the release of Gambas 3.8.3.

Here is some important changes:

  • No crash anymore when running the IDE through a terminal server, or on old desktops that do not manage some X11 properties.

  • Support for time-only values on recent PostgreSQL databases.

  • Support for PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 authentications in

See the Release Notes for the details.


Gambas 3.8.3 has been released.

This release includes all bugs fixes since the release of Gambas 3.8.2. It includes a few enhancements and optimizations too:

  • Source files can now be dragged & dropped in the IDE project tree.

  • Project directories are now movable.

  • Support for line cap style, line join style and fill rule in the IDE image editor.

  • Array accessors are faster.

See the Release Notes for the details.


Benchmarks have been updated.

Following the latest optimizations of the Gambas interpreter, I updated the comparison benchmarks.

The different benchmarks now run less occurrences, so that the result comes faster. The Perl version of the sort benchmark has been fixed too - it was run ten times too much!


Gambas 3.8.2 has been released.

This release includes all bugs fixes since the release of Gambas 3.8.1.

It includes a few enhancements too:

  • Support for dark themes.

  • New logo, project, mime types and control icons based on the breeze theme look.

  • Project creation is now based on customizable project templates.

  • Logical set operations on selections in the image editor.

  • Relative paths now can refer to files located in the main project, in the current component, or in components crossed by stacked function calls.

  • The ODBC component is usable now.

See the Release Notes for the details.



Interview on Gambas

I have been interviewed by Randall Schwartz and Simon Phipps on the FLOSS weekly show on You can show the interview at:

If you watch it, you will probably notice that I will never become an English teacher.

Enjoy anyway!


Gambas 3.8.1 has been released.

This release includes all bugs fixes and little changes made since the release of Gambas 3.8.0.

See the Release Notes for the details.



Gambas 3.8.0 has been released.

Here are the main changes in this new version:

  • The text editor has been entirely rewritten in Gambas. It is located in a new component named gb.form.editor. That way, GTK+ programs now have a text editor with syntax highlighting for free.

  • Support for QT5. The new gb.qt5, gb.qt5.opengl and gb.qt5.webkit components have the same interface as the QT4 components.

  • Automatic support for KDE & Unity tray icon DBus protocols. Just use the TrayIcon class as before, and the new protocol will be automatically used if a DBus system tray icon is detected. Otherwise, the old X11 protocol is used.

  • Important fixed in UTF-8 string handling.

  • Searching inside native arrays is faster.

  • The SQLite3 driver has been rewritten and is faster now.

  • And of course tons of bug fixes...

See the Release Notes for all new features and bug fixes.

Let's go on holidays!


Gambas 3.7.1 has been released.

This release includes all bugs fixed since the release of Gambas 3.7.0, and the ability to open projects installed from the Gambas "farm" directly from the IDE welcome window.

See the Release Notes for the details.



Gambas 3.7.0 has been released!

This new release fixes 267 bugs, adds 299 new features and 7 optimizations.

Some of the main changes are:

  • A new software repository made with Gambas for Gambas. It allows to publish and install Gambas software.

  • Databases now can be initialized from templates automatically generated by the IDE.

  • Array accessors are now faster.

  • The MySQL database driver is faster.

  • The child process interface has been fixed and optimized.

  • New SDL2 component.

  • New scanner management component.

  • New version of the report component.

See the Release Notes for the list of all new features and bug fixes.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy it!


The Gambas prayer by Bruce Bruen.

When the Sourceforge mailing-lists seem to not process mails anymore, you can try the following:

Hail Mary full of grace,
Deliver us from this terrible place,
There is no mail, there is no news
And no-one solves my Gambas blues.

We keep the faith, we hold the light,
Please get us out of this terrible plight.
My events don't fire, my handlers fold
silently, no errors told.

We hold the 'Forge in reverence
and look each hour in expectation
of clues, and even Tobi's sense
but yet there seems to be stagnation.

Mary, we do implore
that you knock upon their door,
kick their a*s*, make them move
and hopefully then things improve.



Gambas 3.6.2 has been released.

This releases fixes the annoying bugs still present in the 3.6.1 release. The IDE offline help was also updated with the new wiki look.

See the Release Notes for the details.


Gambas 3.6