Result = Time ( Date )

Return the time part of a Date value as a time-only date.

A time-only date is a special date value whose year is zero (there is no zero year in the Gregorian calendar).

The timezone is always ignored with time-only dates. The timezone is supposed to be associated with the Date part of date values.

In other words, it's always assumed to be an UTC time by any date & time functions, even the one that assume local dates.


Print Now; " -> "; Time(Now)
05/26/2002 14:08:25 -> 14:08:25

Time (2)

Date = Time ( Hours , Minutes , Seconds )

Make a time from its components and return it as a time-only date value.

  • Hours is the hour part, between 0 and 23.

  • Minutes is the minute part, between 0 and 59.

  • Seconds is the second part, between 0 and 59.


Print Time(14, 08, 25

Time (3)

Result = Time ( )

Return the current time.

It's an equivalent of Time(Now).

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