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A Truck Management System (TMS) With Folder Database Manager

We are going to give you a complete Sample Project On Gambas with report management and how to create custom folder database with all features. We are always ready to help you regarding any difficulties in programming. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Need For This Package:

This package was specially designed for a local business group which resembles the following work strategy:

1. Addition/Deletion and Modification of trucks in a database, when a new truck is purchased.
2. When a truck has been booked for goods, it must be automatically jumped to the last in the list of total trucks, according to the booking date and time.
3. When cancelled, back to the original positon.
4. Various types of reports.

Our Work Plan:

Watching the system of the above business group, we have decided to use Gambas platform and made a workflow for the same. Secondly, we have also decided not to use common database engines, instead create our own database system with the least space taken on the harddisk. Results included:

1. Self-Designed Folder Database Management System.
2. Database is stored in the form of folders and accessed as same.
3. Use of binary and text files.
4. Check home-folder of your's for folder 'bps-data'.
5. Complete security system was also used so as to control the run count.
6. You can renew the license by pressing 'Renew License Button' on the main screen. The default password is: '12345678'
7. Simple text file has been used for reporting.
8. Import and export of database is also possible through .csv file for openoffice spreadsheet.

Author Know-How Media
License GPL v2 or greater



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