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Global Special Event Handlers

The global special event handlers implement specific global interpreter features.

They must be defined in the startup class as static methods to be taken into account.


Public Sub Application_Read()

Catches data sent to the standard input.

If that static method is defined in the project startup class, then the standard input is watched by the interpreter, and the method is called each time there is something to read on the standard input.


Public Sub Application_KeyPress()

This handler is defined by GUI components. It intercepts every key press sent to the application.

If you stop the event, the key press will be ignored.


Public Sub Application_Error()

Since 3.5

This handler is called when an error is raised and is not handled by any CATCH, TRY or FINALLY instruction.


Public Sub Application_Log(Text As String, Where As String)

Since 3.19

This handler intercepts each call to the ERROR or DEBUG instruction.

  • Text is the text printed by the entire instruction line.

  • Where is what Debug prints before the text. It is void when the Error instruction is used.

If the standard error output is redirected by ERROR TO, Application_Log will not catch the printed text.