Project shortcuts

Key Action
CTRL + N Create a new project.
CTRL + O Open a project.
CTRL + P Open the project properties dialog.
CTRL + Q Quit the IDE.
CTRL + S Save the current edited file.
ALT + S Define the current file as startup class.
CTRL + T Open the translation dialog.
CTRL + ALT + A Create a source archive of the project.
CTRL + ALT + I Open the wizard project packager.
CTRL + ALT + M Toggle the menu bar.
CTRL + ALT + O Open a file browser on the project directory.
CTRL + ALT + P Open the IDE configuration dialog.
CTRL + ALT + S Save the entire project.
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + S Save a copy of the entire project under a new name.
CTRL + ALT + T Open a terminal on the project directory.
CTRL + ALT + W Close all opened editor windows.
CTRL + ALT + X Create project executable.
CTRL + PGDOWN Switch to next editor window.
CTRL + PGUP Switch to previous editor window.
F4 Toggle the form editor property sheet.
F10 Toggle the project tree view.
F11 Show or hide the console output window.