Arch and Manjaro Linux Arm64

Gambas 3

Compile from source

Getting the PKGBUILD script and source files

Note: abs has been depricated use asp instead!

$ sudo pacman -S asp
$ cd /Downloads (or whatever directory you want to parent the tree)
$ sudo asp checkout gambas3

Modifying the PKGBUILD script

$ cd /gambas3/trunk

Modify PKGBUILD file about line 32.

Replace "arch=('x86_64')" with  "arch=('aarch64')"

Save the PKGBUILD file.

Install dependencies

Hint: If you copy and paste this, put it into a text editor first and remove the line feeds before running on a command prompt!

To install the development packages needed to compile all Gambas components, do that:

$ sudo pacman -S --needed alure autoconf automake bzip2 coreutils curl dbus gcc gdk-pixbuf2 git glew glib2 gmime gmime3 gsl gst-plugins-base gstreamer gtk2 gtk3 gtkglext imlib2 intltool libffi libgnome-keyring libmariadbclient librsvg libsm libxcursor libxml2 libxslt libxtst mariadb make mesa ncurses pcre pkg-config poppler-glib postgresql postgresql-libs qt5-svg qt5-webkit qt5-x11extras sdl2 sdl2_gfx sdl2_image sdl2_mixer sdl2_net sdl2_ttf sdl_mixer sdl_ttf smpeg sqlite unixodbc v4l-utils xdg-utils zlib

Running the PKGBUILD script

In the same Directory as the PKGBUILD file:
$ makepkg

Be patient, this will appear to do nothing for several minutes and then will run for more than an hour depending on your system capabilities.

If there are any new dependencies, makepkg will fail and list them. Install those dependencies and run makepkg again.

Required approx 1 hour and 20 minutes on a RockPro64 with RK3399 and 4GB RAM.

Install compiled packages

Full installation:
$ sudo pacman -U *.xz

Partial Installation:
$ sudo pacman -U package_name_of_your_choosing.tar.xz

Or copy the desired packages to a new directory and install from there. I usually just move the undesired packages to a /HOLD subdirectory.

You can copy these package to other Arm64 based systems and install them the same way. You will NOT need to install all of the compile dependencies, pacman will pull in the dependencies needed during installation on other systems.