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GRoot , (Gambas RunAsRoot Tool) A VERY simple GUI sudoer like GKSU.

Works VERY simply, creates a hidden TerminalView object and uses it's
TerminalView.Exec() method to launch a program prefixed with 'sudo'.
Then uses the TerminalView.Input() method to type the entered password.

  • Has an option to run the command normally without superuser.

  • Uses MaskBox to hide password characters but has a "peek" button to show text.

  • Change font / colour defaults.

  • Has a simple Install script to copy it to /usr/bin (or somewhere else)

  • Has the upgraded/fancy version and a basic (Simplified) version source for easier understanding for beginners.

Example Usage: (once copied to /usr/bin)
Drag and drop your system menu launcher for your text editor (mine is pluma) onto your desktop and right click it and select it's properties...
For my launcher the default command set to run is 'pluma %U' so i change it to 'groot pluma %U' and save.
Now i can double click the desktop icon or drag-n-drop files onto it and before the editor loads i get the requester shown below giving me the option to run as root or not.

Not much code so it's a good example.
Comments have been added to explain the procedures.
Download contains all source code for the simplified example version and the fancy version.

Author Bruce Steers
License GPL v2 or greater