File & Directory Functions

Access Tests the access authorization of a file.
Since 3.1
Changes the group of a file.
Since 3.1
Changes the permissions of a file.
Since 3.1
Changes the owner of a file.
COPY Copies a file.
DFree Returns the free space on a device.
Dir Browses a directory.
Exist Checks if a specific file or directory exists.
IsDir Returns if a path points at a directory.
KILL Removes a file.
LINK Creates a symbolic link.
MKDIR Creates a directory.
MOVE Renames or moves a file or a directory.
RDir Browses a directory recursively.
RMDIR Removes an empty directory.
Stat Gets information about a file.
Temp$ Makes temporary file names.

To generate a directory or file path at runtime, use the file path concatenate operator &/:
MKDIR "/home/gambas/" &/ "/tmp" &/ ""

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