String Functions

Function Description UTF-8 equivalent
Asc Returns the ASCII code of a character in a string. String.Code
Base64$ Encode a string in Base64.
Since 3.2
Chr$ Returns a character from its ASCII code. String.Chr
Comp Compares two strings. String.Comp
FromBase64$ Decode a Base64 string.
Since 3.7
FromUrl$ Decode an URL.
Since 3.7
Html$ Quotes a string so that it is valid HMTL. -
InStr Searches a string into another string. String.InStr
LCase$ Converts a string to lowercase. String.LCase
Left$ Returns the first characters of a string. String.Left
Len Returns the length of a string. String.Len
LTrim$ Strips white spaces from the left of a string. -
Mid$ Returns a part of a string. String.Mid
Quote$ Quotes a string. -
Replace$ Replaces in a string a substring by another one. -
Right$ Returns the last characters of a string. String.Right
RInStr Searches a string into another string from its right. String.RInStr
RTrim$ Strips white spaces from the right of a string. -
Scan Splits a string against a regular expression pattern. -
Space$ Returns a string containing only space. -
Split Splits a string into substrings. -
String$ Returns the same string concatenated many times. -
Subst$ Substitutes strings in a pattern. -
Trim$ Strips white spaces from a string. -
UCase$ Converts a string to uppercase. String.UCase
UnBase64$ Decode a Base64 string.
Since 3.2
Url$ Encode an URL.
Since 3.7
UnQuote$ Unquotes a string. -

Most of these functions only deal with ASCII strings. To manipulate UTF-8 strings, use the UTF-8 equivalent method of the String class indicated in the third column.

If no UTF-8 equivalent function is indicated, then the ASCII function also works with UTF-8 strings.

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