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Trigonometric Functions

ACos Computes the arc cosine of an angle.
ACosh Computes the hyperbolic arc cosine of an angle.
Ang Computes the angle polar coordinate from two rectangular coordinates.
ASin Computes the arc sine of an angle.
ASinh Computes the hyperbolic arc sine of an angle.
ATan Computes the arc tangent of one number.
ATan2 Computes the arc tangent of two numbers.
ATanh Computes the hyperbolic arc tangent of an angle.
Cos Computes the cosine of an angle.
Cosh Computes the hyperbolic cosine of an angle.
Deg Converts radians to degrees.
Hyp Calculate the hypotenuse of a triangle.
Mag Computes the distance polar coordinate from two rectangular coordinates.
Pi Returns π or a multiple of π.
Sin Computes the sine of an angle.
Sinh Computes the hyperbolic sine of an angle.
Tan Computes the tangent of an angle.
Tanh Computes the hyperbolic tangent of an angle.
Rad Converts degrees to radians.