DBusConnection (gb.dbus)

This class represent a connection to the D-Bus system or session bus.

Esta clase hereda _DBusConnection.

Esta clase es instanciable.

Esta clase actúa como un array de sólo lectura.

Inherited properties
Applications   Return the list of the names of all applications connected to the bus.
Tag   Returns or sets the tag of the DBus connection.

Close   Explicitly unregister from the DBus bus.
Exist   Check if a specific application name is already used.
Open   Explicitly register to the DBus bus, and return the DBus name of the connection.
Start   Start a DBus application service from its name, and waits until it is available.

Inherited methods
Register   Export a DBusObject object to the bus.
Unregister   Unregister the specified object from the DBus bus.