Highlight.Analyze (gb.eval)

Static Function Analyze ( Code As String [ , Rewrite As Boolean, State As Integer, Limit As Boolean ] ) As String[]

Analyzes a Gambas code line.

  • Code: The line of text.

  • Rewrite: If the code line will be rewritten.

  • State: Initial highlight state of the line.

  • Limit: If the analyze must stop when the %> token in encountered.
    Desde 3.19

The result of the analysis is stored in the following properties:

Symbols The string tokens.
Types The type of each token.
Positions The position of each token in the string, in bytes.
TextAfter The rewritten code line, if Rewrite was TRUE.
IsFunction If the line was a method declaration.
LengthBefore The number of analyzed characters before the possible rewrite.