System (gb.eval)

Add properties to the System class that return the datatypes, keywords and subroutines of the Gambas language.

Esta clase reimplementa System en gb.

Esta clase es estática.

Inherited constants
Architecture   Return the architecture of the underlying operating system.
Family   Return the name of the underlying operating system.
FullVersion   Return the full version of the Gambas interpreter.
Version   Returns the current Gambas interpreter version.

Propiedades estáticas
Datatypes   Returns a list of all Gambas identifiers that are native datatypes.
Keywords   Returns a list of all reserved Gambas language keywords.
Subroutines   Return a list of all Gambas subroutines names.

Inherited static properties
Backtrace   Returns a backtrace of the function call stack current state.
BreakOnError   Return or set if a debugged program must break if an error occurs, even if there is a error management catching the error.
ByteOrder   Returns the byte order of the system.
Charset   Returns the charset used by the system.
Cores   Return the number of CPU execution units.
Domain   Returns the system domain name.
Error   Return the Unix error code of the last error raised by a system call.
FirstDayOfWeek   Return the first day of week, according to the current language and localization.
Host   Returns the system host name.
IgnoreOverflow   Return or set if the interpreter must check for overflow with arithmetic integer operators and conversions.
Language   Returns or sets the current language setting.
Path   Returns the installation path of Gambas.
Profile   Return or set if profiling at instruction level is enabled.
RightToLeft   Returns if the current language is right to left written.
Shell   Return or set the shell used by the SHELL command. By default, /bin/sh is used.
TimeZone   Return the system timezone.
Trace   Return or set if tracing is enabled.
User   Returns a virtual object used for retrieving information about the current user.

Inherited static methods
Exist   Return if a specific program is available.
Find   Search for a specific program through the PATH environment variable, and return its full path.
GetExternSymbol   Return the address of a symbol located in a shared library.
GetFormat   Return the custom format string associated with a predefined format constant.
Log   Write a message to the system log.