This component aims at providing most of the features of the Gnu Scientific Library.

At the moment, it adds support for complex numbers, vectors, matrices and polynomials. The coefficients of vectors, matrices and polynomials can be floating point numbers or complex numbers.

Moreover, it allows to use standard arithmetic operators (i.e. +, -, *, /, ^, Abs, =, <>) on all these objects, and provides automatic conversions between them.

Vectors and polynomials are transparently converted to and from array classes.

Beware that this component is not finished. Only part of the Gsl library has been implemented.

Autores Randall Morgan, Benoît Minisini.
Implementa Números complejos.

Clase Descripción
Complex This class implements a complex number.
Float[] This class adds a stat property to the Float array giving access to the statistics functions of the gsl library.
Gsl This class provides useful mathematical functions and constants.
Matrix This class implements a two dimensional matrix, with real or complex coefficients.
Polynomial This class implements a polynomial with real or complex coefficients.
Vector This class implements a vector with real or complex coefficients.