Image (gb.gui)

Esta clase reimplementa Image en gb.image.

Esta clase es instanciable.

Esta clase actúa como un array de lectura / escritura.

Inherited constants
Premultiplied   This constants represents an image whose pixels are encoded in premultiplied ARGB format.
Standard   This constants represent an image whose pixels are encoded in ARGB format.

Inherited static properties
Debug   Return or set if debugging mode is enabled.

Métodos estáticos


Inherited properties
Data   Returns a pointer to the image data.
Depth   Returns the depth of the image.
Format   Return the internal image format as a string.
H   A synonymous for the Height property.
Height   Returns the height of the image.
Pixels   Return a copy the image pixels colors as an array of 32 bits integers.
W   A synonymous for the Width property.
Width   Returns the width of the image.


Inherited methods
BeginBalance   Start a global image balance.
Brightness   Adjust the image brightness.
Clear   Clears the image.
Colorize   Colorizes the image contents by using the specified color.
Contrast   Adjust the image contrast.
Copy   Returns a copy of the image, or a copy of a part of it
Desaturate   Desaturate an image, i.e. convert it to grayscale.
DrawAlpha   Copy the alpha channel of Image into the current image.
DrawImage   Copy the Image image inside the current image.
EndBalance   End a global image balance.
Erase   Create an alpha channel into the image by erasing the specified color.
Fill   Fills the image with a specified color.
FillRect   Fill the specified rectangle with the specified color.
Fuzzy   Blur an image and return itself.
Gamma   Adjust the image gamma.
Gray   Convert an image to grayscale.
Hue   Adjust the image hue.
Invert   Invert an image and return it.
Lightness   Adjust the image lightness.
Mask   Multiply each color component of each pixel by the color component of the specified color.
Mirror   Returns the image vertically and/or horizontally mirrored.
Opacity   Change the opacity of an image and return it.
PaintRect   Blend the specified rectangle with the specified color.
Replace   Replaces a color by another one.
Resize   Resizes the image.
RotateLeft   Rotate an image 90° left, and return it.
RotateRight   Rotate an image 90° right, and return it.
Saturation   Adjust the image saturation.
Transparent   Make the image transparent by using the specified Color.