Image.PaintImage (gb.image)

Function PaintImage ( Image As Image [ , X As Integer, Y As Integer, Width As Integer, Height As Integer, SrcX As Integer, SrcY As Integer, SrcWidth As Integer, SrcHeight As Integer ] ) As Image

Blend the Image image inside the current image.

  • X, Y is the destination of the drawing. By default, this is the current image origin.

  • Width, Height are the dimension of the copy. If they are different from SrcWidth, SrcHeight then the source image is scaled.

  • SrcX, SrcY, SrcWidth, SrcHeight define the part of Image to copy. By default, the entire image is copied.

Contrary to DrawImage, the source image is blended with the current image background.

At the moment, pre-multiplied pixel formats are not supported.

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