_MapShape (gb.map)

Esta clase hereda _MapLayer.

Esta clase es virtual.

Esta clase no es instanciable.

Esta clase actúa como un array de sólo lectura.

Métodos estáticos
GetCenter   Wrapper to MapPoint.GetCenter() since I dont want to break anything :-D

Color   Returns or sets the Shape's items default Color, or outline color. If set, every child ShapeItem assume this this color, if not individually set.
Count   Returns the total of Shapes
FillColor   Returns or sets the Shape's items default Fill Color
Image   Returns or sets the Shapes's Points default Image. If set, will override the default Icon. To revert to default Icon, set this to Null
Key   Returns Shape associated Key
LineStyle   Returns or sets the Shape's items default Line Style
LineWidth   Returns or sets the Shape's items default Line Width
Max   Returns the greatest index

Inherited properties
Copyright   Returns or sets Layer Copyright notice
Loading   Returns Layer status
Name   Returns or sets Layer name
Opacity   Returns or sets Layer opacity
Visible   Returns or sets Layer visibility

AddCircle   Adds a Circle object to current Shape
AddMultipoint   Adds a Multipoint object to current Shape
AddPoint   Adds a Point object to current Shape
AddPolyLine   Adds a Polyline object to current Shape
AddPolygon   Adds a Polygon object to current Shape
Clear   Clear all shape itens in this Layer
Draw   Draws the Mapshape Layer and Itens
Exist   Returns if the specified Shape Item actually exists
GetItem   Returns a Shape Item
Remove   Deletes the specified Shape Item

Inherited events