Geo (

This class provide some tools to convert LatLon point into pixel position and the opposite.

Esta clase es estática.

Métodos estáticos
DecToSex   This function convert a position Value in decimal into a sexadecimal string value.
MapPointToPixel   Convert a MapPoint into a Point that represent a world pixel position at the given Zoom level.
MapPointToTile   Static Function MapPointToTile ( hMapPoint As MapPoint, Zoom As Integer ) As Point
PixelToMapPoint   Return a MapPoint from the given world pixel point at the given zoom.
SexToDec   Convert a value in sexagesimal degrees to decimal
TileBounds   Static Function TileBounds ( X As Integer, y As Integer, Zoom As Integer ) As comp/
TileToMapPoint   Return the Corner TopLeft MapPoint of a tile from a given X, Y position at a given Zoom level.