Map.AddTile (

Function AddTile ( Name As String, Pattern As String [ , Args As Collection, CacheName As String ] ) As _MapTile

Adds a new _MapTile Layer from remote server or local cache to the current Map

  • Name: defines Layer name

  • Pattern: Tileserver pattern. Depends on Tileserver's API and servers.

  • Args: Optional defines parameters to submit to TileServer. Depends on Tileserver's API.

  • CacheName: Optional defines local folder to store Tile (image) files.


Private hMap as New Map
Public Sub _New()
  hMap.AddTile("OpenStreet", "http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png")

The above example retrieves Tiles from OpenStreetMap's servers, where {s} represents the server letter (a, b or c), {z} represents the Tiles's zoom level and {x},{y} are the Tiles coordinates.


Check on Google for free TileServers or build your own locally. Examples:

If you use any of the above TileServers in your project, check their licenses!!! You've been warned...

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