Markdown (gb.markdown)

This class allows to convert the Gambas Markdown Syntax into HTML.

Esta clase se puede usar como un objeto creando una instancia oculta bajo demanda.

Esta clase es instanciable.

Current   Return the current line being interpreted.
Line   Return the line number of the current line being interpreted.

CheckURL   This method allows you to check the URL inserted into the markdown text and fix them.
Command   This method is called for generating the contents of a special command.
EnableCode   Enable or disable code blocks, i.e. if lines starting with four spaces are interpreted as a code block.
Enter   This method is called when interpreting a table begin with a specific class, i.e. a [[ pattern followed by a CSS class name.
Leave   This method is called when interpreting the end markup ]] of a table having a specific class.
Link   This method is called to interpreter the markdown link syntax [...] (...).
ToHTML   Convert Gambas markdown syntax to HTML and return it.

You can customize that syntax by inheriting that class and reimplementing the following methods: These methods are called during the markdown to HTML conversion process.