MediaMessage (

This class represents a GStreamer message received on a MediaPipeline bus.

You get them by handling the MediaPipeline Event event.

A message has a type, a name, and a collection of key / value pairs.

Esta clase no es instanciable.

Esta clase actúa como un array de sólo lectura.

Esta clase es enumerable con la palabra clave FOR EACH.

AsyncDone   Constant for a message posted by control when they complete an asynchronous state change.
AsyncStart   Constant for a message posted by control when they start an asynchronous state change.
Buffering   Constant for a buffering message type.
ClockLost   Constant for a clock lost message type.
DurationChanged   Constant for a duration changed message type.
Element   Constant for an element-specific message.
Eos   Constant for end of stream message type.
Error   Constant for an error message type.
Info   Constant for an information message type.
Latency   Constant for a latency message type.
NewClock   Constant for a new clock message type.
Progress   Constant for a progress message type.
Qos   Constant for a quality of service message type.
RequestState   Constant for a request state message type.
SegmentDone   Constant for a segment done message type.
Start   Constant for a stream start message type.
StateAsync   A synonymous for the AsyncDone constant.
StateChanged   Constant for a state changed message.
Status   A synonymous for the StreamStatus constant.
StepDone   Constant for a step done message type.
StepStart   Constant for a step start message type.
StreamStart   Constant for a message indicating the start of a new stream.
StreamStatus   Constant for a stream status message type.
Tag   Constant for a tag message type.
Toc   Constant for a table of contents message type.
Warning   Constant for a warning message type.

Count   Return the number of key / values pair stored in the message.
Key   Return the key of last enumerated value stored in the message.
Keys   Return an array of the keys of all values stored in the message.
Name   Return the name of the message.
Type   Return the type of the event as a MediaMessage constant.