Key (gb.ncurses)

Esta clase es estática.

Esta clase actúa com un array estático de sólo lectura.

Backspace   The backspace key
Break   The break key (also labeled pause)
Down   Down arrow
Enter   The enter key
F1   F1
F10   F10
F11   F11
F12   F12
F2   F2
F3   F3
F4   F4
F5   F5
F6   F6
F7   F7
F8   F8
F9   F9
Home   The home key
Left   Left arrow
PageDown   The PageDown key
PageUp   The PageUp key
Return   The return key (the big one on the right hand side of the characters).
Right   The right arrow
Up   The up arrow

This is similar to the other key classes. It takes a character and returns what would be returned by, e.g., Window.WaitKey() if that character key was pressed on the keyboard. As that is just the ASCII code of that character, this is meant to be a cute alternative to Asc(Key).
    If Window.WaitKey() = Key["q"] Then