ServerSocket (

This class listens to a socket, so your program can act as a server for both TCP and UNIX protocols.

This class performs its work asynchronously, so your program will not be stopped by the internal work of the server object.

This class is developed to be only a server which accepts or denies connections, all the rest of work (sending data, receiving data...) will be performed by a Socket started by this server (one per each connection).

Esta clase es instanciable.

Esta clase es enumerable con la palabra clave FOR EACH.

Count   Return the number of sockets that have been created by the Accept method.
Interface   Return or set the ethernet interface used by the server socket.
Path   Return or set the server socket path for local sockets.
Port   Return or set the server socket listening port for internet sockets.
Status   Return the status of the socket as a constant of the Net class.
Tag   Returns or sets the server socket tag.
Timeout   Return or set the server socket timeout, in milliseconds.
Type   Returns or sets the type of socket to use.

Accept   Use this method to accept a connection request from a client.
Close   Use this method to close all connections stablished by the server, and stop its listening proccess.
Listen   Starts listening at selected TCP port or local Path.
Pause   Use this method to keep all existing connections alive, but do not accept more until you use the Resume method.
Resume   Use this method to restart listening for new connections if you stopped this process by using the Pause method.

Connection   When a client tries to connect to server, this event will raise.
Error   This event will raise if some failed in listening process.