Application.Theme (gb.qt4)

Static Property Theme As String

Returns or sets the global application theme.

At the moment, this theme is used by the Stock class only, to choose what sort of icon theme it returns.

This property can take the following values:

  • A stock icon theme name. It can be "gambas", or, since Gambas 3.11, "gambas-mono".

  • A desktop name ("kde5", "gnome", "xfce"...). It means that the default theme associated with that desktop configuration will be used.

  • A void string. It means that the default theme of the current desktop (as returned by the Desktop.Type property) will be used. This is the default value.

  • The name of any icon theme currently installed on the system. You can get the list of these themes through the Stock.Themes property.

If any theme has no icon associated with a requested icon name, then the icon from the "gambas" stock icon theme is used.