Application (gb.qt4)

This static class gives global information about the application.

Esta clase reimplementa Application en gb.

Esta clase es estática.

Propiedades estáticas
ActiveControl   Returns the control having the focus.
ActiveWindow   Returns the current active window, i.e. the window that owns the control having the focus.
Animations   Return or set if controls can be animated.
Busy   Modifies the busy state of the application.
DarkTheme   Return or set if dark theme support is enabled.
DblClickTime   Return or set the double-click interval, i.e. the maximum time between two clicks to make them become a double-click.
Embedder   Defines the X11 window identifier where the next opened window will be embedded into.
Font   Returns or modifies the application global default font.
Icon   Return the application icon as defined in the Gambas project.
MainWindow   Returns or sets the main window of the application.
MiddleClickPaste   Return or set if the mouse middle click pastes the secondary desktop selection.
PreviousControl   Return the previous control that had the focus after a focus change.
Restart   Return or set the restart command that will be sent to the session manager.
Shadows   Return or set if controls can display shadows.
ShowTooltips   Return or set if tooltips are visible or not.
Theme   Returns or sets the global application theme.

Inherited static properties
Args   Returns an array containing the arguments passed to the program by the shell.
Daemon   Set this property to TRUE to make the current application a daemon.
Dir   Returns the application directory.
Env   Returns a virtual collection of strings containing the process environment variables.
Handle   Returns the system pid (process identifier) of your program. This returns the same value as the property named Id.
Id   Returns the system pid (process identifier) of your program. This returns the same value as the property named Handle.
Name   Return the application name.
ParentHandle   Return the identifier of the parent of the current process.
Path   Returns the application path, i.e. the directory where it resides.
Priority   Return or set the current process priority.
Startup   Return the startup class object.
Task   Return if we are executing a background task.
TempDir   Return the directory where the temporary files of the current process are stored.
Title   Returns the title of the application being executed.
Version   Returns the program version, as defined in the IDE project properties dialog.