Fill (gb.qt4)

Constants used to represent fill patterns for drawing.

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BackDiagonal   A pattern of backward diagonal lines.
Cross   A pattern of horizontal and vertical lines.
CrossDiagonal   A pattern of diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines.
Dense12   A pattern whose 12% pixels are set.
Dense37   A pattern whose 37% pixels are set.
Dense50   A pattern whose 50% pixels are set.
Dense6   A pattern whose 6% pixels are set.
Dense63   A pattern whose 63% pixels are set.
Dense88   A pattern whose 88% pixels are set.
Dense94   A pattern whose 94% pixels are set.
Diagonal   A pattern of diagonal lines.
Horizontal   A pattern of horizontal lines.
None   Indicates drawing objects should not be filled, i.e. that they have only an outline.
Solid   Indicates drawing objects should be filled with a solid color.
Vertical   A pattern of vertical lines.