CDRom (gb.sdl.sound)

This class allow you to manage a CDROM drive previouly detected with CDRoms class. If the class is instanciated without any parameter, it will use the default system CDROM drive.

Esta clase es instanciable.

Length   Return the length in seconds of the CD in the drive.
Paused   Return TRUE if the the CDROM is paused, otherwise FALSE.
Playing   Return TRUE if the the CDROM is playing, otherwise FALSE.
Position   Return the position in seconds from the start of the CD while playing.
Ready   Return if a CD-ROM is ready.
Stopped   Return TRUE if the the CDROM is stopped, otherwise FALSE.
Tracks   Return a virtual array of the CD-Rom tracks.
Volume   Return or set the CD-ROM volume.

Eject   Eject the tray of the CDROM drive.
Pause   Pauses the CD while playing.
Play   Play the CD in the CDROM drive.
Resume   Resumes playing the CD while paused.
Stop   Stops play the CD.