Draw.Image (gb.sdl2)

Static Sub Image ( Image As Image, X As Integer, Y As Integer [ , Width As Integer, Height As Integer, Source As Rect, Opacity As Float, Angle As Float )

Paint an image on the current drawing device.

  • Image : the image to paint.

  • X, Y : the top-left position where the image will be drawn.

  • Width, Height : the target dimensions. If it is different from the image dimensions, the image is drawn stretched.

  • Source : the sub-part of the image to draw, as a rectangle. If NULL or not specified, the entire image is drawn.

  • Opacity : the opacity applied to the drawn image. By default it is 1 (100%).

  • Angle : the rotation angle applied to the image. The image is rotated around is center, and by default the image is not rotated.