RssItem (gb.web.feed)

This class represents a single news item. Create an object of this class, fill its properties and add it to an existing Rss object.

All properties of this class are optional, but you have to fill at least Title or Description.

Esta clase es instanciable.

Author   EMail address of the author.
Categories   An array of categories for this item.
Comments   A URL pointing to a comment page for the item.
Description   Synopsis of the item. You can use entity-encoded HTML.
Enclosure   Describes a media attachment to this item.
Guid   A Globally Unique IDentifier for this item, e.g. a permalink to the item's full content on your website.
Link   A link to the website containing the full content.
Pub   Publication date/timezone of this item. If unset, defaults to the time the XML document is written in the local timezone.
Source   If this item comes from another RSS feed, use this property to link to the original feed.
Title   The title of the news item.