Request (gb.web)

This class is used for managing the HTTP request.

Esta clase es estática.

Esta clase actúa como un array estático de lectura / escritura.

Propiedades estáticas
ContentLength   Return the content lenth of the request.
ContentType   Return the content type of the request.
Cookies   Returns a collection of all cookies included in the request.
Debug   Return or set if debugging is enabled.
Delimiter   Returns or sets the character that delimits fields in a GET or an application/x-www-form-urlencoded POST request.
Fields   Returns a list of the names of all variables included in the request.
Files   Returns a collection of all files uploaded in the request.
Get   Return a virtual object that allows to retrieve the data stored in the request URL.
InternetExplorer   Returns the version of the Internet Explorer HTTP client, or zero if luckily Internet Explorer is not the HTTP client.
Language   Return the preferred language of the request.
MaxFileSize   Return or set the maximum size of an uploaded file.
Method   Returns the method used for sending the request to the CGI application.
Path   Returns the path of the request.
Post   Return a virtual object that allows to retrieve the data stored in the request contents.
Query   Returns the query part of the request.
Referer   Return the referer of the request.
Scheme   Return or set the scheme of the request.
TempDir   Return or set the temporary directory used to store the files uploaded by the request.
UserAgent   Return the user agent of the request.

Métodos estáticos
Exist   Returns if a specified field exists inside the request.
Reset   Reset the request decoding