Response (gb.web)

This class is used for generating the HTTP response.

This class mainly generates the response headers.

The response contents must be sent to the standard output of the CGI script with the PRINT instruction.

Esta clase es estática.

Propiedades estáticas
Buffered   Returns or sets if the response is buffered. By default, the response is not buffered.
ContentType   Returns or sets the MIME type of the response.
Cookie   Return a virtual object used for defining the default properties of the cookie sent to the client
Done   Return if the response has been sent, i.e. if the End method has been called.
EndOfLine   Return or set the end-of-line sequence type of the response.
Status   Returns or sets the status header of the request.

Métodos estáticos
AddHeader   Adds an HTTP header to the response.
Begin   Sends the response header, and allows you to print the response contents.
Cancel   Try to cancel the response.
End   Terminates the response.
GetContentTypeFrom   Return the mimetype of a file according to its extension.
Redirect   Redirect the HTTP client to another URL.
RemoveCookie   Removes a cookie.
Reset   Reset the response contents.
SendFile   Sends a file to the client.
SetCookie   Creates a new cookie.