Additional Gambas Components

Components of third parties in addition to those already distributed

  1. If you have a component that you would like to contribute, please get a Wiki login and add it to this page.

  2. The translations are made of all the contents except the table, inside table, only translate description.

  3. Please take care of the wiki markup, if dont have or dont want, use the Gambas mail list to request inclusion here.

Name Type Notes Status Version Author
gb.graph Basic Create statistical graphics very simply. Beta 0.0.10 OpenASB
gbDict C/C++ a client to the or dictd (if you install it) exp. 0.0.1 E. Wright
gb_aspell C/C++ It let's you do spell checking; through, aspell. exp. 0.0.1 E. Wright
gb.deg.form Basic Combobox and Tableview like in MS Access Stable Deganius
  • Basic - component is written purely in Basic.

  • C/C++ - component is written purely in C/C++.

  • Hybrid - component contains both Basic and C parts.