Gambas 3.5.4

What's new

This releases includes the following bug fixes backported from the development version...


* NEW: The GB_FIND macro now searches files one directory deeper.
* NEW: Add a new autoconf macro that can compare version numbers.

* BUG: Form editor: Setting the "Invert" property of a container now does
  not crash anymore.
* BUG: Automatically solve conflicts on project configuration files by
  taking the ones from the repository.
* BUG: Fix the custom browser support.
* NEW: Add Chromimum to the list of browsers.
* BUG: Creating a new SDL project correctly checks all needed components.

* BUG: NeHeTutorial: Fix compilation error.

* BUG: Add a small reserved area in the stack for the Eval() function, so
  that the debugger can return the contents of a variable after a stack
  overflow without raising a new stack overflow error and then crashing.
* BUG: System.TimeZone now returns the accurate value, i.e. the number of
  seconds that must be *added* to go to UTC.

* BUG: Correctly raise a syntax error now when there is anything between
  the left part of an assignment and the assignment operator.

* BUG: Make gb.db.postgresql compile with new postgresql headers location.

* BUG: Fix a possible crash if the debugged process is stopped during the
  Debug Read event.

* BUG: ValueBox.ReadOnly works as expected now.
* BUG: TableView.Clear now hides the current edited cell.

* BUG: TextArea.Text property can be set to a null string correctly now.
* BUG: Fix the behaviour of auto-resize labels.
* BUG: Setting Application.Font now updates the font of all controls.

* BUG: Draw.Line() correctly takes into account the LineStyle property in
  all cases now.
* BUG: Fix the dash patterns used for implementing the Draw.LineStyle

* BUG: Rewrite the ImageStat class source code because the PHP licence is
  not compatible with the GPL.

* BUG: Explicitely search for the 'llvm-c/Core.h' include file.
* BUG: Fix LLVM version comparison.

* BUG: Add GB_END_DECLARE to the Input class to not crash anymore (on
  cygwin only?). Reported by Nigel Gerrard.

* BUG: The VerifyPeer and VerifyHost properties are really taken into
  account now.

* BUG: Pop3Client: Raise an error if the Open() method fails, and correctly
  abort the connection.

* BUG: Cipher[] and Digest[] now read their method argument correctly.
* BUG: Fix bad use of string API in the Cipher class. Consequently
  Cipher[].Encrypt() does not crash anymore.

* BUG: Enumerating `Settings.Keys[Slot]` (the keys of a specific slot) does
  not break anymore the enumeration of `Settings.Key` (the slot names).

* BUG: Fix the behaviour of auto-resize labels.

* BUG: Fix the implementation of HTMLDocument.GetElementById().

Compilation and installation

Read the instructions there.

If everything was fine, type "gambas3" to run the development environment.

Enjoy it !

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