20 Avr 2021

The IDE now can run with GTK+3 library, as well as Qt4 and Qt5.

24 Sep 2019

The IDE now can print the source code from a nifty preview window.

27 Oct 2016

Gambas now can run on Windows through CygWin.

28 Aug 2016

The Development Environment now allows to create the GUI of web applications with the form editor.

26 Jul 2014

You can see there the new offline help, two IDE windows detached from the worskpace, and the now semi-transparent about dialog.

01 Jan 2012

An happy new year with the release of Gambas 3.

16 June 2011

Gambas now runs on MacOSX!

06 April 2011

A screenshot with the toolbar and shortcut configuration dialogs and the now integrated database manager.

28 June 2009

The development version now uses QT4 to run the development environment.

You can see that there is some little glitches in toolbar handles when using the Oxygen style, and that I changed my screen in two years.

17 May 2007

The package wizard has been implemented, and the interface is a bit cleaner.

06 Aug 2006

Gambas now looks like that when running under Gnome.

17 Jul 2006

The Development Environment got a KDE Crystal look and many toolbars. I find the new look cool. :-)

28 May 2006

The Development Environment begins to have a multi-document interface. What you see is not definitive. The workspace will disappear, and there is a long way to the final interface!

02 Mar 2006

Here is the gb.db.form component in action. You can see the form in design mode, with many data bound controls on it, and the running result displaying the table generated by the Database example.

Trust me, this needs just a dozen lines of code to connect to the database, to initialize the column titles of the DataView, and the DataCombo on top of the form.

11 Jul 2005

This is the new Gambas documentation system and behind the source of the Gambas CGI script that runs it. On the top right of the screen you can see a thermometer. This is a little applet I wrote in Gambas that stays on the foreground and that displays some useful information.

06 Sep 2004

The Emerald syntax highlighting theme and another nifty background in the same style. Note that modified lines are signaled too.

22 Jun 2004

You can see there the Gambas package maker wizard with a nifty image in the background ;-)

14 Mar 2004

Let me introduce you to the expected automatic completion feature!

The desktop is KDE 3.2.

12 Feb 2004

Thanks to KDE, You can now browse the Web with Gambas in 26 lines of code :-)

21 Dec 2003

Here is the HTTP Example displaying the Gambas Wiki in less than 120 lines of code !

25 Jun 2003

Here is the new help browser based on the Gambas Wiki.

05 May 2003

You can manage your databases with the new Gambas Database Manager!

16 Mar 2003

You can now translate your project in any language.

02 Feb 2003

Enjoy the new dialogs! They used a file selection dialog made by Fabien Bodard.

01 Jan 2003

Here is the new version of the component explorer with the internal icon editor. Happy new year!

22 Dec 2002

You can see a form with an IconView control, and the animated mascot on the right bottom of the screen.

04 Sep 2002

These tips of the day are nifty, aren't they?

10 Oct 2002

You can see there the component explorer. This version of Gambas uses the QT 3.0 toolkit.

31 May 2002

Things are nicer with anti-aliasing. You can change any color used by the code editor.

14 May 2002

You can see there the Gambas IDE debugged... with the Gambas IDE. Are you keeping up?

08 Mar 2002

An earlier version of the development environment. I have just compiled the Mosfet's Liquid engine.