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Bad format string (40)
Bad number of dimensions (22)
Bad project file (36)
Bad regular expression (50)
Bad string conversion (32)
Bad use of virtual class (54)
Cannot create callback (66)
Cannot find dynamic library (60)
Cannot find symbol in dynamic library (61)
Cannot load class (2)
Cannot load component (27)
Cannot open file (35)
Cannot register class (52)
Cannot run child process (68)
Class is static (10)
Device is full (37)
Directory is not empty (70)
Division By Zero (26)
End of file (39)
File already exists (38)
File is a directory (46)
File is closed (53)
File is locked (58)
File name is too long (44)
File or directory does not exist (45)
Free object referenced (72)
Illegal instruction (8)
Incorrect declaration of symbol in class (76)
Invalid date (33)
Invalid object (29)
Invalid path (34)
Mathematical error (19)
Multidimensional array (74)
No instanciation method (25)
No parent class (59)
No return value (18)
No startup method (24)
Not a directory (49)
Not a function (9)
Not an array (23)
Not an enumeration (30)
Not an object (12)
Not enough arguments (4)
Null object (13)
Out of bounds (21)
Out of memory (1)
Overflow (7)
Read-only array (65)
Read error (47)
Serialization error (67)
Stack overflow (3)
STOP instruction encountered (55)
Symbol is badly overridden (63)
Symbol is not a property (17)
Symbol is not static (41)
Symbol is read only (16)
Symbol is static (14)
Symbol is write only (15)
System error... (42)
Too many arguments (5)
Too many simultaneous new strings (56)
Type mismatch (6)
Unknown class (75)
Unknown symbol in class (11)
Unknown user or group (69)
Unsupported datatype (71)
Unsupported string conversion (31)
Void key (64)
Write error (48)
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Symbol is badly overridden (63)

A class is trying to override a symbol by inheritance, but the overriding symbol and the overriden one do not have the same type.

Here are the rules:

This kind of symbol can be overriden by...
Dynamic symbol Dynamic symbol
Static symbol Static symbol
Read-only property Read-only property
Read-write property Read-write property
Method Method with the same declaration
Constant Constant
Read-only property
Read-write property
Variable Variable with the same declaration
Extern function Extern function with the same declaration

All over combinations are forbidden.