Como Iniciar con Gambas


La forma más fácil de instalar Gambas es desde el administrador de paquetes de su distribución GNU/Linux.

Para instalar desde ArchLinux
sudo pacman -S gambas2

Para instalar desde Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install gambas2

Para instalar desde Fedora
sudo yum install gambas2

Si su distribución GNU/Linux no incluye el paquete Gambas, puede descargarlo desde

Primeros pasos

When finished the installation then use Gambas:

  • In a terminal window type "gambas2"

  • Gambas will open, select new project.

  • Select "Create a graphical application qt", click next,

  • Find a directory where to put the first project, click next,.

  • Enter a name for your first project, click OK.

  • Close the tips of the day window.

  • Right click Forms, New, Forms...

  • Find the Toolbox window on the workspace. (type F6 it is not visible)

  • Select the Form Tools.

  • Select one of the objeto, e.g. a button, place it in the window.

  • Use F4 to display its properties

  • Double click the button the see the code, which will be executed when you click it.

  • Enter a code line e.g.
    PRINT "Hello World. It is now: ";now

  • In the project window find the start button, press it (or press F5 key).

  • An Immediate Window will be created and shows the result of the PRINT command in the debug windows.

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