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How to deal with Git and Gitlab concerning your Project

Author: Steffen Ploetz

This article is under construction!


To interact with your desktop environment (call applications / tools, e.g. on the command line, or to open a terminal) Gambas requires the gambas3-gb-dbus package to be installed. It must not necessarily be registered to you project, but the IDE needs it.

Since there is no gambas3-gb-git package, I assume that all git commands are issued on the command line. This requires the git package to be installed on the system.

For convenience, I have also installed the GUI package gitg, but I'm sure you can do everything without it on the command line or with any other GUI package for git.

My way to git

I am not a git expert! I'm not even very familiar with the data structure or how git works! What I'm describing here is the approach that met my requirements.

The article How to deal with Git and Gitlab for Gambas explains some basics, but is generally targeted to the Gambas development. What I describe here is the approach to put a project, written with Gambas, under version control.

In the following, I assume that your project already contains the first functional classes and that you would like to place them under version control and work with version control from then on.

Gambas (at least Version 3.19.1) provides a Gambas IDE git integration (see also: How to deal with Git and Gitlab for Gambas section Gambas IDE git integration) within the Project | Put under version control menu.