PRINT [ # Stream , ] Expression [ { ; | ;; | , } Expression ... ] [ { ; | ;; | , } ]

Prints expressions to the stream Stream.

If Stream is not specified, then the standard output is used.

VB uses as standard output the form in which the code resides.

The standard output can be redirected by the OUTPUT TO statement.

The expressions are converted to strings by the Str$ function.

  • If there is no semi-colon nor comma after the last expression, an end-of-line is printed after the last expression.

The end-of-line delimiter can be defined with the Stream.EndOfLine property.
  • If the semi-colon is doubled, then a space character is printed between the expressions.

  • If a comma is used instead of a semi-colon, then a tab character (ASCII code 9) is printed to separate the expressions.

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