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Object & Class Management

CLASS Declares the use of a class.
Class Many static methods to get information about classes.
CREATE PRIVATE Declares a class as non-creatable.
CREATE STATIC Declares a class as "auto-creatable".
EXPORT Declares a class as exported.
FAST Make all methods of the class compiled by the JIT compiler.
Since 3.2
INHERITS Makes a class inherit another one.
IS Returns TRUE if an object is an instance of a class, or one of its descendants.
LAST Returns a reference to the object that raised the last event.
ME Returns a reference to the current object.
NEW Instanciates an object.
Object Many static methods relative to object management.
SUPER Returns a reference to the current object that will use the public symbols implementation of the inherited class.
USE Loads specific components the first time the class is used.
Since 3.7