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Language Reference

Language Index
Language Overviews
Native Classes
Error Messages
The Gambas Object Model


Here is a list of documents that may help you.

Release Notes
Compilation & Installation
Frequently Asked Questions
Development Environment Documentation
Porting from Gambas 2 to Gambas 3
Some Little Benchmarks
Differences From Visual Basic
How To...
Tutorials Not finished.
Application Repository
Code Snippets


This is the documentation for component developers.

How To Program Components In Gambas
How To Program Components In C/C++
Gambas Programming Interface
Additional Gambas Components
How To Deal With Subversion


How To Translate A Gambas Project How To Deal With Subversion


How To Package Gambas

This documentation is based on a Wiki written in Gambas.
If you want to modify some pages, you must register.
Once done, you must learn the wiki syntax.

The documentation is under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) 3.0 license.