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New DBusObserver (gb.dbus)

Dim hDBusObserver As DBusObserver
hDBusObserver = New DBusObserver ( Connection As DBusConnection, Type As Integer [ , Object As String, Member As String, Interface As String, Destination As String ] ) As "event name"

Create a new DBusObserver to catch the messages sent on a specified bus.

  • Connection is the DBus connection object that represent the bus.

  • Type is the message type (see below).

  • Object is the object to observe. If not specified, all objects are observed.

  • Member is the method or signal name to observe. If not specified, all method calls or all signals are observed.

  • Interface is the interface to observe. If not specified, all interfaces are observed.

  • Destination is the message destination. If not specified, you will catch only the messages that are sent your application. If Destination is "*", then you will catch the messages sent to all applications.

The message type can be one of the following constants:

DBus.Method Method call
DBus.Reply Method reply
DBus.Signal Signal message
DBus.Error Error message