Additional Gambas Components

This page is an index to additional third-party components that can be used with Gambas. If you have a component that you would like to contribute, please obtain a Wiki login and add it to this page.

Product Name

Type Notes Stable Dev Author
gb.graph Basic Create statistical graphics very simply. Beta 0.0.10 OpenASB
gbDict C/C++ a client to the or dictd (if you install it) exp. 0.0.1 E. Wright
gb_aspell C/C++ It let's you do spell checking; through, aspell. exp. 0.0.1 E. Wright
Utexbox Basic Utextbox: deshacer y rehacer Beta 0.0.2 Angelnu and Fabianfv
gb.deg.unittest Basic Unittest for Gambas3 Alpha Deganius