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Gambas Farm Server Protocol


1. Protocol summary

The Gambas farm server protocol is based on HTTP requests.

Sending a request

Most of the requests must me submitted through the POST action, exactly like a HTML form.

Gambas 3.7 will provide an HttpForm class to send these kind of requests easily.

If you don't have to send files, you can use the GET action.

Getting the answer

The answer is usually a text file whose the first line is the answer status, and the rest of the file the answer contents.

The line separator is the CR+LF sequence.

If the status line is 10 OK, then the request has been successful, and the useful contents starts at the second line.

Otherwise, the request has failed, and the answer status is made of a two-digit error code, a space, and an error description. The answer contents may include more error details.

Every text is UTF-8 encoded.

2. Register a user




login User login.
password User password.
name User full name.
email Confirmation e-mail.


This request allows to register a new user to the server.

An mail is sent to the specified e-mail address that includes an activation link. That activation link is the confirm registration request (see the next paragraph), and is based on a random hexadecimal key.

3. Confirm registration




login User login.
key Confirmation key.


This request confirm the registration of the new user.

The confirmation key must match the key provided into the e-mail sent by the registration request.

4. Publishing a software




login Software owner login.
password Software owner password.
name Software name.
version Software version, with the X.Y.Z syntax.
desc Software full description.
gambas Gambas version required, with the X.Y.Z syntax.
checksum SHA256 source archive checksum.
source Source archive. It must be a file with the tar.gz or tar.bz2 extension.
icon Software icon. It must be a 64x64 PNG file.
screenshot An optional screenshot of the software. It should be a JPEG or PNG file.
url An optional URL for the software project website.
tags A list of tags, as identifiers separated by commas.
dependencies A list of dependencies separated by commas. A dependency is a software name followed by an optional minimum X.Y.Z version.


This request allows to register a software to the server.

You must provide a valid login and password to register.

5. Get information about a software

6. Download a software

7. Add or remove a vote for a software

8. Software search

9. Tag search

10. Error codes