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Gambas is a free development environment and a full powerful development platform based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, as easy as Visual Basicâ„¢.
Read the Introduction then this presentation for more information.


Gambas 3.9.2 has been released.

This release fixes most of the bugs found since the release of Gambas 3.9.1.

See the Release Notes for all the details.



Last version of Gambas runs on Windows

Here is a screenshot of Gambas running on Windows through Cygwin.

More information about how to install Gambas on CygWin there. The next 3.9.2 minor version should include all the needed patches. In the meantime, use the development version.


Gambas 3.9.1 has been released.

This release fixes most of the serious bugs found since the release of Gambas 3.9.0. Especially the compilation on ARM and 32 bits systems.

See the Release Notes for all the details.


Gambas 3.9.0 has been released!

There are hundreds of new features, bug fixes and optimizations in this new version.

The main feature is gb.web.form, a new component that allows to make the GUI of your web application from the Gambas IDE.

How does it work in a few words?

Almost everything is done on the server side. The user browser is mainly used as an enhanced graphical terminal running the less JavaScript as possible. Events and page refresh flow between the browser and the server through XML HTTP requests.

Besides you will see some screenshots of the configuration program of a web radio entirely made with that component. The project is run through the embedded HTTP server component gb.httpd and Chromium is the browser.

Otherwise, the main new features of Gambas 3.9 are:

  • gb.form.terminal, a new component providing a full-featured terminal emulation.

  • A new IDE output console based on the previous component.

  • A new and better project argument list interface.

  • Project creation is now based on project templates. Custom templates can be defined.

  • New library management system.

  • The Expression class is now inheritable and allows to customize the interpreter evaluator.

  • FileView and DirView controls automatically refresh themselves if your project uses the gb.inotify component.

  • TextEditor now can display thin vertical lines to emphasize indentation.

  • Menu can have a proxy, i.e. pop up the children of another menu.

  • Paint.StretchImage() is a new method that scales an image to fit a rectangle, keeping the image proportions.

  • gb.net.smtp component support PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 authentication.

See the Release Notes for all the details.

Enjoy it!


Gambas will have a terminal emulator soon.

The gb.form.terminal is a new component providing a VT-100 terminal emulator control, that you will be able to put anywhere in your application. It will be used in the development environment instead of the old rudimentary console.

Here is a few features of that terminal emulator:

  • Ability to use any font, even variable-width fonts displayed as fixed fonts. But then some characters too wide may be cut.

  • Limited or unlimited history.

  • Blinking text supported.

  • Mouse support (currently in development).

  • Line graphical characters are drawn instead of using the font glyphs.


Happy New Year!

I wish an happy new year to all Gambas users and their family.

Here is a screenshot of the new gb.web.form in use. That component allows to create the GUI of your web applications with the IDE form editor. The screenshot shows the development of a web radio in progress.


Gambas 3.8.4 has been released.

This release includes all bugs fixes since the release of Gambas 3.8.3.

Here is some important changes:

  • No crash anymore when running the IDE through a terminal server, or on old desktops that do not manage some X11 properties.

  • Support for time-only values on recent PostgreSQL databases.

  • Support for PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 authentications in gb.net.smtp.

See the Release Notes for the details.

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